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Projects from Work (2015 - Present)

I've done a lot of interesting design projects at Tyemill and ActionIQ. My past works include Design System, Data Ingest Tool, Campaign Builder, Insights Dashboard, Usage Logs and more. I am passionate to build a product that is secure, transparent, educational and fun! I'd love to share my learnings & process with you. (Projects are confidential, contact me directly for more details ^_^).

What to Expect When You Are Expecting (2015)

There are a lot of surprises that come with parenthood, but cost of childbirth delivery should not be one of them. We were seeking a way to help expectant parents get mentally prepared for childbirth delivery cost with less efforts.

What to Expect

Never Miss a Recommendation (2015)

So here is the problem. We get recommendations all the time. And we forget about them. How can we record the tremendous amount of recommedations and at the same time actively try things out?

See How

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